Another Day, Another Dollar, April 15, 2013 Daily Reflection


The Sun Comes up

The sun comes up and we head to work. Our lives seem like an endless cycle of …work, pay the bills, cut the grass, wash the car, feed the family, watch TV, sleep, and go to work and the cycle starts again.
We are in that generative stage of life when we are giving all of our time and all of our money to support and raise a family.

The tasks become unending…the laundry basket is never empty…paying the mortgage is just paying the interest…going to the grocery again…what does my work at my job truly accomplish anyway? We question, we become frustrated by the monotony of life. When will it change? When will I rest? When will I live my life for me?

At different stages of life we live for different reasons.
As children we are taken care of, loved and self centered.
As adults we take care of, love and meet the needs of others.

If we are lucky enough we will reach the stage of relaxing:
As grandparents and retired adults we get to slow down and enjoy and reap the benefits of our work.

As crazy and unending as it may seem everything comes to an end at some point. Today, try to enjoy the stage you are living within. With each stage there is goodness and joy. Say a prayer to help you find and appreciate your present joy.

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