Ants, September 23 Daily Reflection


That tiny little ant you can barely see in the picture can carry more than twice it's weight.

That tiny little ant you can barely see in the picture can carry more than twice it's weight.

Did you know that an ant can carry more than twice it’s body weight? That allows for the ants to carry more food back to their colony and help with survival.  Do you ever feel like life is putting more than twice your body weight upon your shoulders? 

 Those days when you actually say “I can’t do this anymore, it is just too much.”  From waking up in the middle of the night and nursing every other hour, when you think to yourself I never eat this much how on earth can this baby do it.  To dealing with all the “Why, Why, How, that constant chatter stage of a toddler who has just learned to talk and will not stop even to take a breath to hear the answer.  To arguing with your child about what he/she wants to wear out to dinner.  To begging your child not to sleep in your bed another night.  To all the bribery that occurs when you are at the doctor’s office and you know before you leave that office that flu shot will be injected, even if it takes 3 nurses to hold him down.  To all the laundry in piles, clean but not yet folded. To the noutrish meals we should cook but feel guilty that we are going to McDonald’s yet again.  All the way to the bills piling up, the sports practices and games, juggling your job, your family, friends and trying to have a healthy relationship with your spouse. 

 Can it get more heavy than everyday modern life.  Are we as moms carrying twice our weight?  Heck no we are carrying 50 times our weight in this hectic fast paced life!  Who of us doesn’t want to just scream “Stop” and sit down to rest before midnight when we fall limpless into our beds, with our minds racing about doing it all again tomorrow.  Does it ever stop?

It’s easy to get into that mode of how on earth do I do it all.  But there are lots of good things we over look about the insanity of our everyday running in the gerbil ball days.  We are blessed that we are able to have a healthy baby and able to produce the milk to nurse in the middle of the night.  We are blessed that our toddlers can actually speak those inquesitive questions to us.  We are blessed that our children have enough clothes hanging in their closets that they are able to make a choice on what to wear.  Those of us who are able to go out to dinner are blessed to be able to afford it.  We are blessed that our children want to be close to us because we as moms symbolize all the saftey and security in that child’s world and that’s why they want to sleep with us at night. We are blessed that we have doctors that have vaccinations so that our children will not die from the flu.  We are blessed that we own a washing machine and a dryer to do our laundry in our house, not in a laundry mat or in a local stream. We are blessed that we have the opportunity to purchase fast food when we have to. We are blessed that we can pay the majority of our bills and that we have something to show for our bills.  We are blessed that our children are physically and mentally able to play sports, that we have a job (especially in this economy), that we have family that wants to be with us and that we have a spouse, because there are so many single parents out there searching for their soulmates.

I believe God gives us what we can handle.  It’s all in how you look at it.  Your perspective can be I am blessed and love my family and will do these things, not always with a smile, but with love.  Or your perspective can be “Please take me away from all the insanity”. 

We all have our days, believe me mine are often, when we are overwhelmed, overworked and overtired and we need the break from it all.  At that point it is time to take a rest, a break, a breather and gather ourselves.  At that time take a deep breath and remember you are blessed! Thank God that you are and try to see the thankful side of it all.  Let God help you cope because He knows what you can handle and what you can’t.  Lean on God and He will help to pick you back up, to provide for your little colony of  your life for your survival.  God will help you to carry that weight you just have to ask for the help.

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