Anybody can help, April 6 Daily Reflection

The grocery carts

The other day I was loading groceries into my van when a large black man approached me and started helping me to put the bags into my car. As I looked up at him I realized he worked for that grocery store, he was the cart person. I said to him “Thanks, so much for the help. Nobody has ever helped me with this before.”

In a slow stuttering voice he replied “Anybody can help others”. He was sincere, his face was kind and his eyes were soft and innocent. As he rolled my cart away I said once more “Thanks, again I really do appreciate the help.” He nodded and looked back to smile for a second and went about his business.

I situated myself in my seat and turned the ignition key, glanced into my rear view mirror and noticed that he looked as though he was talking to himself out loud. It dawned on me that he might be a little slow. It also came to my mind that in that slowness he was able to do what we in our fast paced lives cannot seem to do, to notice others needs and help right then and there. He did not think about whether it was politically correct to help me with my groceries or to approach me. He just started to help. He did not wait for thanks because that’s what should happen after someone helps another person he just went about his business content to be him. I want that slowness, that ability to see past all the facades of our culture and to just see a person as a person, no titles, no expectations, no pc world, just to see that person and their needs.

If that’s what being slow gives us then Lord, please slow me down so I may be more pure of heart, more kind, more innocent, more helpful because “Anybody can help others.”


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