Appreciate Nature, April 6, 2016 Daily Reflection

Brown County

Brown County

We often forget about how important nature is in our lives. Probably because we are so separated from it. We live our lives isolated from nature. We live in our boxes and if parts of nature invade it we call the exterminator to kill it. We drive our smaller boxes down the road and if part of nature interferes we roll up our windows and turn up our radios. We curse the weather if it isn’t in line with our plans and sometimes thank God for a beautiful day but, we rarely make nature a normal part of our lives.

Everything I study about Theology discusses the purpose of life for each human being. God created us to be in relationship with Him, ourselves, each other, and nature. So many people leave the nature part off of the equation. We seem to look at ourselves first, others second, once in awhile God, and forget nature. However, when God created us He actually created nature first and us second. We were created to live in harmony with nature. Something happened along the way and we began to take nature for granted. Instead of living in harmony with nature we began to exploit nature for what could make us wealthier, and happier. We didn’t think about the consequences of our actions. We thought we were first. Now, we are reaping the consequences of our actions. We need to embrace nature with respect, honor, and love. Nature is one of God’s creations that we need to be in relationship with everyday.

We can’t have a relationship without knowing nature. We must understand nature, respect it and live in balance with it. We need to teach our children a respect for nature by taking them outside, to learn to live in harmony with it.
We can live in peace with nature if we love God, ourselves, others, and nature. We need to start today.

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