Appreciation, August 21, 2014 Daily Reflection

Clapping handsLast night the high school I teach at had a mini schedule night. I was able to talk to the parents of my students about the different courses I teach and how I teach. I gave a brief bio and told how I was a motivational speaker for adults now I do it for their kids. If you know me you realize how enthusastic I am when I speak. I speak with passion and a fire for God. At the end of one of the sessions a dad was clapping for me. I didn’t realize how much I missed that appreciation. However, the appreciation I receive now is through the many relationships I am nurturing with students and their relationship with God. No appreciation is needed when you are doing the work of God. I know that’s what I am doing. I am so grateful that God sent me this way to reach out to others and lead them to a new perspective of knowing God. Believing that I am pleasing God with my life is more important than any human appreciation I could ever receive.

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