Appreciation, March 20, 2015 Daily Reflection

AppreciationDo you remember the old cheer, “Two, Four, Six, Eight, who do we appreciate?” I was never a cheerleader but I had my pom poms that I played pretend cheerleader with when I was little. When I yelled this cheer I didn’t really consider who I appreciated at that time. As children we are having so much fun in life that I don’t think we stop and contemplate all there is to appreciate. Now, that we are adults we should learn to take the time to reflect on those people in our lives whom we appreciate.

I appreciate my parents for loving me unconditionally, raising me, and supporting me even to this day. I appreciate my husband and all of his love and dedication to our family. I appreciate  each one of my children for the blessing they are in my life. I appreciate my friends who support and care for me. I appreciate Holy Cross, my boss, my students and all of their encouragement. I appreciate all those who have cared enough to read my work through the years. I appreciate my faith and my relationship with God. I appreciate more people than I can name.

Today, reflect on those people in your life whom you appreciate. Today would be a good day to text, email, phone them or let them know how much you appreciate them.

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