What to do? April 17, 2017 Daily Reflection

St. Bernard Church

In the Resurrection story the women went to the tomb. The risen Christ presented himself to Mary Magdalene!!! She ran back and told the others. Do you think they truly believed? How many ran to check the tomb? How many still did not believe it to be possible?

After 2,000 years how many still believe that it was impossible? The Bible tells us the story of Jesus Christ, do we believe? Do we somewhat believe? What to do? We are presented with the facts, the inspiration, the tradition and a religion that is 2,000 years old based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A church that if left only to humans would have crumbled and fell upon itself time and time again. Yet, because it is not in the hands of humanity but guided by the Holy Spirit it is the living breath of God. Do you believe? If you do believe what do you do? Do you tell others or keep it quiet? Do you trust completely in the will of God or only in what you can understand with your 5 senses?

What to do…

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