Are you a hay bale? May 25, 2012 Daily Reflection

Hay Bales

We were speeding by this farm on our way to a soccer tournament and there they sat; hay bales just sitting in that open field, just sitting there.

Is life passing you by like that highway that speeds past those hay bales? Are you just sitting through your life? Spinning your wheels but not making a difference, sitting in one place? Sure, you go to work, clean your house, feed yourself and survive but are you truly living your life?

Do you have a passion? Do you want to serve others? Maybe you are serving others by being a friend that goes out of your way to help with a smile, a hug or encouragement. Maybe you are serving your family by working, putting food on the table and clothes on your children’s backs. Maybe you are a nurse or caretaker who puts others first.

Have you found your niche’ yet? That thing, activity or hobby that make you feel like you are moving towards a purpose in your life? Maybe it is helping with a Church or School Committee. Maybe it is helping somehow within your community. Maybe it is giving your time to a charity.

Are you listening to God calling you out of that field to get up and move your life? Maybe God has been nudging you to change your daily habits. Maybe God wants you to read a book to your kids instead of watch that show. Maybe God wants you to get outside and plant a garden with someone. Maybe God wants you to get involved in Church or your community. Change is not easy it takes effort and courage. But moving and changing brings growth.

Don’t sit there like that hay bale live your life to the fullest. Evaluate where you are and where you feel you are being called by God to go. You can start at any moment to move your life and make a difference.

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