Are you a planner? March 30 Daily Reflection

What are you calculating?

Don’t we all try to calculate the future? We try to plan lunch, dinner, and schedules for the week and sports games for the month, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and dates with our spouses. We try to plan how to pay for college for our kids and for our retirement. Can we really calculate it all?

God gave us free will so He will not control our actions, choices or future. God leaves our choices up to us. We plan it all down to the littlest details sometimes. Then when something goes wrong or the unexpected happens how do we react? Are we cool, calm and ready to adapt to change or do we meet adversity kicking and screaming at the top of our lungs? Maybe it’s good to be a planner as long as we can cope and depend on God if and when all the cards come tumbling down. 

 For so long I believed that God had complete control as though my life was predestined and I was just a puppet on a string.  Now I believe God gave me complete free will He may give me signs and nudge me in different ways but he leaves the choices up to me. Maybe God doesn’t have a calculated plan for me but a direction He would like to see me go in. Maybe God is trying to let me know that He will be there for me always and forever. Maybe my relationship with God is there to guide me, comfort me, teach me, nurture me and help form me to become the creation He had in mind when He breathed life into my lungs.  Maybe all my plans will be changed because of senseless random acts in this world and my faith will be the rock that sees me through all the pain I will one day endure.

 I thank God daily for my life and loved ones and pray nightly that God always be with me.  I will go on planning and calculating fully knowing that whether my plans go my way or another way I will never be without God to get me through everything in this life because He will help me get to the next life whether I plan it or not.

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