Are you just another number? January 5 Daily Reflection


Sitting on a hard wooden bench listening to the numbers be called out and listening for number 29 we waited patiently for 40 minutes. Jake held the ticket at the County Clerk’s office so I could renew my car registration for the year. We take tickets in other places also and we become a number.  When we are born we are assigned a social security number.  We are a number in our birth order of our family.  At school my children have a number they go by for the year.  In the lunch line they have a number to pay for their lunches.  We are just another number in so many places to make it more ordered and convenient for others in charge. Are we just another number in this world?  Another warm body that takes up space waiting in a line for something?

For those who know and love us we are so much more than just another number we are central to who they are.  Our children have probably never looked upon us as a number other than number 1 because without us their lives would spin out of control. Our spouses never see us as a number because we are their other half, the half that makes them whole on which they can rely and put their trust and hope into daily.  Our parents might have seen us as a number in our birth order however; they have always known us as so much more, the person that we are from a baby until now.

In the eyes of God we are not a number we are all individuals placed here for a specific purpose different from the next person.  God created each one of us to be unique in all aspects from each other for a reason.  Our quest in life is to find out who we are and the purpose of our  life.  God did not create the human race to number each person, put them in a line and give order to his creation. Although in our lifetime we are made to be counted as numbers never let that number define who you are.  You are so much more than a number to your children, spouse, parents, friends and most of all God.

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