Are you prepared? December 21 2011 Daily Reflection

Little Birthday cake

Someone’s birthday is coming soon. Do you remember who? Have you prepared your house for his home coming? Have you decorated your hearth and baked warm foods to fill his belly?

Have you prepared the way for the savior of the world? Have you prepared your heart? Have you broken down the walls that distance you from Christ? Have you made a feast for all who enter your home?

You may not see Jesus Christ in the flesh and blood step foot into your humble abode this Christmas day. However, many will come to you; your family, friends and even strangers. Have you taken a deep breath yet and let down your guard and prepared your heart to love them?

Today, prepare more than the decorations, the gifts and the food. Take the time to reflect in silence, in prayer talk to God and ask Him to open your heart to your loved ones this Christmas.  So you can be prepared when the Birthday Boy arrives in the flesh of others, in the hearts and eyes of those who try your soul. Talk to God and He will prepare you for the way of the Lord this Christmas.

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