Are you ready for the fall? September 27, 2013 Daily Reflection

Fall in my neighborhood

Soon the leaves will begin to take new color and the air will be crisp and the blues of the sky bright and clear. Soon the brilliant colors will appear and the smell of falling leaves will be evident. The leaves will fall off the trees leaving them barren until spring.

That’s how we must be in our lives just like the fall. We should be brilliant in our colors, actions and motions and then we should die to ourselves. We should let our egos; pride and selfishness fall to the ground so that we may be barren through the winter. And in the spring let God bring us back to life in the buds of new birth.

In our culture the idea of dying to our own wants and needs seems counterproductive. Our culture emphasizes self over all else.  Jesus Christ taught us differently. We must die to our own selfish wants and needs to live as He lived, to love without condition, to give without thought and to be the person God created. We should all look forward to the fall of our own lives. Although the fall may hurt and be uncomfortable, being born into the life that God intended is our life’s calling.

Are you ready for the fall?

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