Are you wrecked? July 8, 2012 Sunday Tidbit

Train wrecking into the Lincoln Logs garage

Do you ever feel like that Lincoln Log building? Do you ever feel like the train has just crashed right into you and you have been wrecked? We all feel this way from time to time. So many times it is difficult to pick up the pieces to reassemble our lives. We just want to sit there in the wreckage and just give up.

But don’t give up! Have hope, trust and faith in God. You were not meant to sit in a heap of wreckage. God created you in His own image for a purpose. You must stand up, rise from the ashes, and brush off the soot and ask God to stand with you. So that you may walk away from the wreckage, learn from it, grow from it and become better for having survived it!

Always have faith and God will help you up every time.

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