Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Daily Reflection

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

I can’t believe it is already Ash Wednesday! So, what are you going to give up? What are you going to do different? What is the point of giving something up and then getting it back at Easter? I think we have forgotten the point of it all.

God gave us everything we need to be in a deep relationship with him, each other, nature and ourselves. But life and all of its accessories truly get in the way of our relationships. If we give up those vices, bad habits, that lead us away from the goodness of deeper relationships and instead concentrate on our virtues, good habits that lead us towards God and others, then we will be more open to a relationship with God, others and ourselves.

This Lent think about what takes you away from God, not attending Church, not praying enough, not trying to learn about God. What takes you away from your loved ones, making work your first priority in your life, spending all your free time on your hobbies instead of with your loved ones, dangerous habits that hurt yourself and others. Give up the bad habits and replace them with good ones; spend more time praying and becoming closer to God, leave work at work and spend the time at home with your family and spouse instead of in front of the computer or TV, walk away from the addictions in your life and face who you are with the support of those who love you the most.

What you give up or try to change is between you and God. When you empty yourself of the bad habits you have room to fill yourself with the love of God, others and yourself.

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