At the End of the Day, March 5, 2013 Daily Reflection

Sunset I took the picture in San Diego a few years ago

At the end of the day after we have worked, finished dinner, put away the dishes, the laundry, given and taken baths, and checked everything for the next day we lay our heads upon our pillows. We let the day’s journey engulf our minds as it plays out like a film. We sigh, we cringe and eventually we try to just relax and accept the day. As we feel the anxiety lift and the sleep set in we start to drift. In those few moments we should give God thanks and praise. God has given us this day whether it was bad and stressful or good and filled with happy memories it was a gift from God.

Tonight as you are drifting off to sleep consider talking to God. Tell God thank you for your many blessings and ask Him for help with all of your many stresses. God is listening. He loves to listen to your voice. Give God your last moments of consciousness each day. God gives you every moment of every day. The least we can do is say Thank you and love ya God.

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