Awareness, April 4, 2018 Daily Reflection


Yesterday, I was able to run with my husband. Due to many classes in mindfulness training as well as being present in spiritual direction, I ran in mostly silence. In the past, I would ask my husband to talk as I struggled to run. If he was talking I was distracted from the discomfort. In the last year or so I have learned the importance of becoming present to the struggle, the discomfort, the physical sensations, and the mental images while running. Luckily, my husband has also taken mindfulness classes and completely understands this concept. He was supportive and allowed me to be present to the entire run. It was difficult noticing how my body felt, it was more difficult to stop judging my mental thoughts. I set an intention at the beginning of the day to have loving compassion towards me and others. I kept returning to the intention during the run. It was somewhat exhausting being so aware and present but it was also refreshing to not be distracted.

Mindfulness, being aware and present to the current moment is a total mindset shift. We are accustomed to talking of the past or the future. Mindfulness is living in the present. When practiced it can change your entire perspective of life.

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