Back to school, August 19, 2011 Daily Reflection


The pencils are sharpened, the backpacks are filled, and the kids are headed out the door for school but are not ready to abandon summer time. The poolside is empty and the only sound that can be heard on the playgrounds is an eerie squeak of an empty swing blowing in the breeze. School is back.

The lazy mornings of summer will soon be replaced by hectic movement and shouts of “We are going to be late!”  Homework will be struggled with and parents will be taxi drivers once more to football, piano lessons, ballet, PTO and sacramental meetings. The pace of our lives will move into fast forward but before we hit that power button that starts the chaos just remember in it all we are all family: a family of parents with children, a family of teachers and students, a family of church with parish members, and a family of believers with God as the parent. We are first and foremost children of God who supports each other at the pool in the summertime, on the sports fields in the fall, in the pickup line at school, and in the pews on Sundays.

Although the seasons will change and our children will grow in height and knowledge we are still a family. We are an ever changing family supported by God, steadfast in His love and support of our earthly families. Whether we are back to school, on the playing fields or in Church remember we are all family.

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