Back to school, August 20, 2015 Daily Reflection


2015 Ethan and Anna 1st Day - Fresh JrIn our age of social media every mom who truly “loves” their children feels as though they must post that 1st day of school picture. As a mom who does it myself, the truth is we just love to show off our children. We are so proud we have to share it with the world.

I can’t believe I have two in high school and only two left in gradeschool. I am not going to say that the time flew, because when I was a stay at home mom, I swore that some of those days lasted 48 hours straight. Of course looking back on it all I have a hard time believing their ages.

So here I go another proud mom moment. These are my babies and yes, I am showing them off! 2015 Spencer and Jake 1st Day

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