Backstory, July 11, 2018 Daily Reflection

Anna Reading

I have been writing a fiction story recently. I have created quite a few characters. Each of the characters gives their backstory. Sometimes I think of the backstory ahead of time. However, most of the time the character creates the backstory and I just roll with it. It’s so fun allowing the characters come to life. I can picture them and I am starting to get to know who they are because of the backstory. Most of the time the backstory explains the present actions.

We all have backstories. Our families, friends, past, experiences, have formed our thoughts, actions, and habits. When we dig into our backstory we can usually find an explanation for our lives. Sometimes when we decide that we don’t want that experience to define our lives we can break free and create new thoughts, actions, and habits.

I am blessed beyond measure to have a beautiful backstory. It is by no means perfect. However, it was filled with love, acceptance, encouragement, and kindness. This backstory has helped me to become confident, motivated, creative, loving, and energized.

Does your backstory raise you up or pull you down in life? It’s possible to make a change for the better.

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