Bare Feet, 4th of July Daily Reflection

bare feet and flip flops

Bare feet, flip flops, cool grass, swing set, dripping Popsicle, slight breeze, hot sun; summer time for my children. I am so happy in the moment to watch my children frolic in the pool splashing the water while I sit on the side. I am in heaven as I watch them play on the tire swing and laugh uncontrollably when Ethan spins them too fast. I am at peace as I hear my children playing games that they have created together. My entire life is in harmony when I am with my children and husband riding bikes together in the park or playing in the pool.

My friends this is it for me. This is what it is all about; family, giving life, sharing laughter, hugging, playing, feeling free and enjoying the moment while we have it to enjoy. This is why all I ever wanted to be in life was a mom, married to a good man with a big family! I thank God daily that He gave me all I ever wanted and I cannot want for more!

Today, enjoy the 4th of July, enjoy the summer time, and enjoy your family!


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