Batter, Batter, Swing, October 29, 2014 Daily Reflection

Spencer with a batMy family attended our annual pumpkin day at the family farm. We really enjoy our time at Uncle Dale and Aunt Yvonne’s farm. We take a tractor ride to pick the perfect pumpkin. We eat great food, visit with family and relax while the children play on the farm. My boys were having a great time playing wiffel ball when I took this picture of Spencer. He rarely plays wiffel ball but that didn’t stop him from swinging that bat and rounding those bases.

How often do we step up to home plate in our own lives? How often do we stop thinking about whether or not we will hit that ball and just try to hit it? How often do we swing the bat, miss the ball and quit the game? How often do we swing, miss and stay in the game? If Spencer had quit the game the first few times he missed the ball he would have never played. He failed but tried and tried again until he made contact with that ball.

In your life what home base are you too nervous to approach? What ball have you tried to hit but missed and walked away? You have to believe you can do it. Then you have to practice, practice and practice some more until you hit that ball. Don’t quit the game. If you do you will not have the fun that Spencer was able have in the game. Stay in the game and let the gift of perseverance pull you through.

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