Beating As One, April 7 Daily Reflection


Our Church’s Good Friday Service took place in the late evening,in a darkened Church with someone playing the cello very solemnly. It was all very dark, grief stricken and quiet. So naturally my 5 year old, Jake fell asleep. I held him, all 40 lbs, in my arms. In the silent reflection time during the service, as I prayed to God, I felt God’s presence in Jake.  As I stood holding him I began to feel his heart beat against my chest and recognized the unity, as he inhaled I was exhaling our bodies were breathing almost as one. We were mother and child again similar to when I carried him in my womb; I protected and provided solely for his being then. I was able to feel that precious connection once more. As I held him even more tightly in my arms I forgot we were in a Church and it was just he and I in that moment, sharing our hearts as one. We were then asked to sit down for a reading and he began to stir and the moment was gone.

 In those few minutes the presence of God was so awesome that all I could feel was love and unity between a mother and her son.

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