Before the Sun Sets consider what you have given, December 15, 2015 Daily Reflection



Before the sun sets on each day we should consider what we have given to our world. Have we given our time to a friend, a hand to a coworker, a hug to a child, a smile to a stranger, a warm word to anyone? Have we given our talents to our workplace, our kindness to other people, our energy to a project, our prayers to our God? Have we given our attention to our family, our love to our loved ones, our acceptance to the marginalized? Have we given our loyalty to our faith, our words to our ideas, our freedom to help others? Have we given our wisdom to children, our understanding to our friends, our sympathy to those who mourn?

God has blessed us with a plethora of gifts; love, kindness, care, concern, sympathy, wisdom, loyalty, ideas, freedom, acceptance, faith, affection, words, abilities, talents, energy, and understanding.

Before the sun sets on each day we should reflect on our day and consider what we have given back to our world. What about today?

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