Before We Could See It, October 6 Daily Reflection

The Waterfall

Before we could see it we could hear it. Before we could hear it Katie said that it was there. “Remember the waterfall guys?” The adults could not recall having seen the waterfall the last time they hiked that particular trail and responded “I don’t think there is one Katie.” Katie knew there was a waterfall she saw it once and never forgot. She never doubted her memory or her belief and we continued to hike until we could hear the water crashing. There stretched out before us was the waterfall not huge and overwhelming but somewhat hidden and crashing with such a force that it echoed off of the trees we walked beneath.

Some of us sat on the rocks and just watched mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the fall. Others of us explored the area. Some found rocks and tossed them into the stream and a few tried to build a bridge to cross the water. The small rapids raged with an insurmountable force from which the spray sprinkled those of us sitting on the nearby rocks. Lost in the sight of the unstoppable water I pondered how our lives seem sometimes to crash upon the nearest rocks with no control. At times we stumble and as we fall we crash into others and together our splash sprays those who surround us. We cannot control every little detail of life nor should we. In the living we must relinquish some control.  Often times we let ourselves flow in the streams of life not knowing that just down that calming stream is a fall that will crash us into others.

What you can’t see is that after the falls the stream dies down and gently flows out into the river and the greater rapids which eventually flow to the ocean. We must hit those rocks at some point on the journey or we will never find that ocean that place of peace and upheaval of life and abundant creation. In order to reach the other side we must choose to travel the trail that leads us to the streams that pushes us down the falls, battered and bruised a bit we will tumble towards that next life.

However, without the belief that Katie knew to be true, the belief she never doubted no matter what those adults told her, we would never find the stream. We will doubt its existence and turn down another path that will lead us astray. Hold firm to your faith when all others doubt it. Be true to your convictions for they were placed within your soul for a reason. Before you see it you will hear it, before you hear it, you will sense it. The presence of God is there it is our job like Katie’s to lead others to it and never stray from the path.

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