The Best Part of Parenting, July 15, 2017 Saturday Tidbit

My kids

Yesterday, Jake, my youngest, asked me, “Mom, what’s the best part about having kids?” I replied, “All the love!”
Being a parent is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life!!! Parenting can be extremely trying, half the time you are guessing. Parenting can be thankless, especially when the children are young. Parenting, can be rewarding, amazing, empowering, and all encompassing.
Some of the best parts of parenting to me are…
Hearing my children laughing together
Watching my children do something with passion
Laughing with my children
Praying with my children
The hugs
The I love yous and that look that says, I trust that you will take care of me.
Witnessing the growth, maturity, kindness, faith, strength, and compassion.

I wonder what the best part of parenting is to God?

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