Bingo, July 13, 2012 Daily Reflection

Bingo Hall

You could hear a pin drop when I walked into the building with the florescent light glaring off of the old linoleum floor of that bingo hall. Hundreds of people completely serious dabbers in hand working 3-10 different cards at one time. The numbers ominously echoed off the beige dull walls and the beep reverberated through the air. They were all there for their own reasons; some for entertainment, others with friends and a good amount just to win the big money. They sat in silence listening, concentrating, hoping, waiting and then. BINGO…hold it up please…91583…1 winner… $100. Then they made their way for the door. They were finished until the next Bingo night. As they left the hall some were laughing others frowning but mainly just trying to get to their cars as quickly as possible. For some it’s a tradition, others a game but many a habit. The tables were left behind with paper bags filled with trash, and losing cards. Money, winning, hopes, desires…BINGO.


Where do you sit and try to make your hopes, desires and winning come true? Do you gamble on your hopes and dreams or do you make it a reality by working hard and pursuing your dreams to make them happen?

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