A bit of pain, March 13, 2018 Daily Reflection

Me and my husband

Everyone likes comfort, pleasant feelings and situations. Most people do not like discomfort and unpleasant situations. So, we avoid them. However, when we avoid all unpleasant situations and all discomfort we also avoid the possibility of growth and change. If we stay where we are, who we are, and don’t attempt self-reflection then we seldom grow.

Yesterday, someone pointed a flaw out to me. It was an oversight on my part but one that came from a deeper lack of empathy and respect. It was difficult to face an unpleasant consequence from my own actions. Actions that were not meant to cause harm but were thoughtless. It would be much easier to ignore the wisdom of the person who shined a light on that darkness. However, I cannot turn that light off now. So, I have to deal with my weaknesses and try to understand my motives. Which means I have to do more self-reflection and digging deeper into areas that are unpleasant and uncomfortable. Facing the truth instead of what you want to believe is painful. The truth shall set us free but ignoring will bind and enslave us. It will take a bit of pain to reflect, understand, and ultimately try to change but it will be worth the growth.

Today, consider a flaw that you don’t want others to know about you. You don’t have to tell everyone what it is but bring it to God and ask for help. If there is a person in your life that is trustworthy ask that person to help you with it. My husband helped me yesterday and it made a huge difference in my perspective. Allow some discomfort and a little pain to open the way for growth.


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