Black & White, July 18 Sunday Tidbit

Black and white sun

For those of us who intimately know God the world can appear like this picture, black and white, with the sun beaming down upon us brighter than anything else. God is present in our everyday life. God is the source of the light from which we have the ability to see and the warmth providing our bodies the ability to live. As a believer God is evident.

For those who have yet to know God or discovered where the light and the warmth are generated from this picture looks like a picture of the sun, a brightly burning star light years away, breathtaking yet just a star. It’s really not that black and white for the non believer in fact if one looks closely at this picture there appears to be more gray than black or white. As it is many of us get lost in the trees and the sky searching the “son”.

Let us all recognize that the journey is different for each one of us, for we have come from different paths with different eyes. It is not our right to push our belief on others but it is our privilege to accept others on their path, set the example by our life and actions and to love them unconditionally so they too may witness the love of God in us.


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