Blessings, March 21, 2012 Daily Reflection

My backyard this morning

I just finished a good 30 minute run after walking my four beautiful, healthy and intelligent children to school. It was a great run. I prayed and practiced my talks for this weekend’s retreat I will be leading. I came home to my comfy house in my peaceful neighborhood. I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat out in my backyard to eat it. As I ate I listened to the laughter and playing of the school children down the way anyone of whom could be mine. I enjoyed the chirping birds on this the first day of spring. I took in the smell of the fresh cut grass and the newly blooming spring flowers. I watched as the sun’s rays caught the greenest buds on the red bud tree and the light danced off the bark of my tall oak tree. I jumped as a huge yellow jacket took flight passed my face in search of those flowers. Then I ran inside to find my phone so I could write my experience down to share it with each of you.


In every sentence I have just written there are several blessings hidden and noticeable. That’s how it is in our lives. We think to ourselves where are the blessings when everything is going wrong; our car won’t start but we forget to thank God that we have the money to purchase a car. When the traffic is backed up on our way to work we are mad and don’t feel very blessed but we have a job to go to. When we burn our food how can that being a blessing because we have food to burn. When our children don’t listen but we were blessed to be parents. When we get sick yet we are blessed just to be alive. Each day we should say thank you to God for our many blessings.


A good friend of mine journals 5 blessings every single day that she is thankful for. Today, start a new habit find a time to do it. You could do it right now but don’t just write 5. I challenge you to write down 20 blessings in your life; from life itself to the people in it, your job, home, faith life, church etc… Do this each day and you will be a happier person grateful for the blessings God has graced you with that we forget to say thank you for.

Today find your blessings and thank God for them.

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