Blinded, July 4 Sunday Tidbit

My little angel

The setting sun shone through my bedroom window as the wind blew, the trees swayed and the light flickered across my little angel as though she were in a spotlight. Her eyes blinded by the fading sun which cast a perfect shadow upon my wall. She sat there as she always does but this time she pointed out how the love of God can be blinding yet fully illuminating us to others.

When we accept the love of God completely our vision changes we love more deeply, we give more openly, and we seek to help others rather than hurt. We become blinded to the old life we once lived of selfish wants and open our eyes to others needs. God illuminates us with His love for others to see. When we have been touched by the love of God we look, sound and appear to be glowing. It is a glow of happiness, contentment yet a yearning to do more for the human race and it is noticeable and powerful to encounter.

Has the setting “son” shone brightly across you yet? Are you blinded to selfish ways and illuminated by God’s amazing grace?

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