Blossoming, April 20, 2015 Daily Reflection

My Dogwood is blossoming

My Dogwood is blossoming

How many times as a student did you hear a teacher say, “He has the potential, he just needs to….”? Back when we were kids we hated hearing this statement. As parents we like to hear this because at least our child has potential but it is upsetting because we want them to utilize it daily.

This idea of potential doesn’t end when we graduate from school. We continue to have potential. However, as adults we feel like we have arrived and there is no reason to continue to strive for better, or pursue new opportunities, after all we now have our lives set and why rock the boat? Our opportunities to be better, to grow, mature, and develop continue in all aspects of our lives if we don’t stunt it with that thought.

We each have potential to grow and blossom into a new creation. Reflect on different areas of your life that you feel you could grow. Growth can occur in many areas; spirituality, education, physically, psychologically, and mentally. Do you want to be closer and more in tune with God? What instrument have you always wanted to play? What do you want to learn more about? Do you want to be a runner, swimmer, biker, triathlete? Do you want to understand why you do the things you do and find peace within yourself?

Just because you feel settled in life doesn’t mean there is not more to develop. Today, choose one new challenge that will help you to blossom as a person. Work on it one day at a time and watch as you begin to blossom.

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