Blurred, August 4 Daily Reflection

A close up of a rose

Often times in our lives we are so close to a situation that it looks out of focus and blurred, we can make out the image but just barely. Sometimes experiences are just so emotional that if we really want to see them for what they are we need to step back a few feet, clear our mind a bit and then look once more. Many times if we try backing up, cooling down and walking away for awhile then when we return the picture is crystal clear in life.

As moms dealing with children is often like this especially for stay at home moms that don’t get a break from their children. Moms need to take that break to walk away for a bit. Moms need to have time away to refocus daily, even if that means a 15 minute break while the kids have a mandatory quiet time in their own rooms. There is a reason breaks were created in the workplace, so we can rest, renew, recharge and work again. Make sure to take your break away from your workplace if possible and take a walk, clear your mind and then return and situations may look different. When arguing with a spouse and your spouse walks away, for a breather  realize it is to regain a way to refocus and stop the anger for a bit. Often times it would be better when an argument becomes heated that we both walk away and cool down before things are said that cannot be taken back. Take a break, walk away then when emotions have settled come back and calmly discuss the issue.

We all need inner peace, a way to find a quiet place to step away from our everyday nonstop motion so that we may renew, refresh, recharge and refocus our intentions. We need to take a break from life daily if possible. A very productive break we can take anywhere is a prayer. If possible take a walk in nature and if you cannot leave the place you are quiet yourself, still your body, fold your hands and talk to God about what you are going through and get it all out. Then in silence listen; to your thoughts and let your mind think whatever it wants just let it be. Then open your eyes take a deep breath and decide the most important thing to focus on in the situation and how you can best handle it in a kind and loving way.

Today try to step back from the blurred picture, take a little time and when you return the rose will come into full focus.

That same rose in focus



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