Bright Future, March 2, 2016 Daily Reflection

A few of my students

A few of my students

There are many people that talk about the millennials  (those born after 2000) and how worthless they are to our society. I am sure this was said by the elders of every generation. No generation seems to live up to the expectations of the previous generation.

As a teacher of high school students I must say I witness a range of millennials . The smallest percentage are the lazy students who do absolutely nothing at all. Then there are those who do a little bit. The largest group are those who work hard to get good grades. Another small percentage are those who are type A personalities, the overachievers that will pull all-nighters to learn the material and ace the tests. I believe the majority of my teens are right in the middle.

The majority are hard working, ethical, teens, searching for their identity and place in this world. They have dreams and intentions to do what is good for our world and to protect our earth. They make me believe that our future is bright. If you doubt this befriend a teen, become a mentor and then you will understand as I do why our future is hopeful.

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