Brothers, April 28 Daily Reflection


Spencer is listening so intently to what Ethan, his big brother, has to say that he is leaning over towards him to hear. Spencer is interested; he always is when Ethan talks. Ethan, age 12, rarely minds having Spencer, age 8, around him. Brothers, they like one another, they play games together, they run in the backyard together, and they talk about video games. They have been raised together not just to be brothers but to be friends.

Brothers have a much different relationship than sisters or sisters and brothers. Ethan is the first born, then Anna, Spencer and Jake. When Spencer was born he was Ethan’s first brother and he loved him. Then Jake was born.  I told Spencer from the day Jake was born this is your little brother Jake and he will be your best friend. I have taught my children that they are not just siblings but friends for a lifetime. Boys are so different than girls. My boys are much more laid back and relaxed about life. It takes more to irritate them than it does my daughter. They just want to play and have fun they don’t want to fight and fuss or complain, they really just want to all have a good time. They don’t seem to hold a grudge, they let things go. I think these are strong traits they have inherited from their Dad; he is very relaxed and forgiving. As a result my boys listen to one another and care what the other brother is saying. They don’t always listen, they are children. However, for the most part they truly like to be together, they get along and they care for one another.

I will never be a brother but I have 2 and I love them dearly. They never held a grudge against me and they have always treated me with respect and kindness.  They are also friends with one another; they laugh together and listen to one another. Brothers seem to have a very special relationship it’s easy, relaxing and loving.

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