Calmness, October 27, 2016 Daily Reflection



Do you explode when you are annoyed?

Are you calm in the face of frustration?

Is it a natural instinct to just lose control and get angry or is it a learned behavior?

It’s probably a bit of both. We all have to learn self-control. As babies we cried when we didn’t get what we wanted. As we grew older we were told not to cry when we didn’t get what we wanted. We were taught how to behave from a very young age. We never stop learning, if not from our parents then from our peers, spouse, and children. How much will these people who care for us the most put up with? Over time situations change, and hopefully we chill out a bit! I heard a mom who has grown children say, “If I had my children at 40 instead of 25 I bet I would have been calmer.” It’s funny how life is like that. Overtime we tend to realize everything is not as urgent as we once thought it was. Regardless of our age sometimes we just get frustrated and are ready to scream. However, we are also blessed with the many gifts from God one of which we cultivate throughout our lives; self-control. The best part about making mistakes is that each day is a new beginning and we get to start over.

Today, pray that God will bless you with a little more patience. Take a deep cleansing breath when you become annoyed. Count to ten, say a prayer, and think about something calming like the colors of a sunset. If you can remain calm in the face of adversity others will learn from your behavior and the calmness could be carried on.

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