How Can It Be? August 1, 2014 Daily Reflection


Canoe Time

How can it be over? But it is! Its ok I truly enjoyed every moment of my summer vacation with my children. We visited Kentucky Kingdom 21 times, went to the Falls of the Ohio, went canoeing, kayaking, biking and ate too much ice cream. I ran 5-6 days a week almost every morning!! We ate homemade pancakes, breads, chocolate chip waffles and stayed up late every night watching movies. Anna and I had chick flick nights and we were just together all the time.

Unlike many moms who are just over that much time with their children, I never am sick of it. I know how fleeting the time is and next summer Ethan will probably have a summer job and we will be incomplete. My time with my children is precious to me and I can’t help but cry at the end of every summer. But I know that teaching is a calling and the best possible career for me and my children.

So, before the first day I will dry my tears, get my lesson plans together and greet the new school year with a smile on my face.

If summer is not over for your children yet make the last days count, do something fun and unpredictable, enjoy your kids every chance you get.

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