Cancer Awareness/Prayer Bracelets, December 28, 2012 Daily Reflection

7th grader making a bracelet

It looks as though she is tying knots. She is doing more than tying knots she is praying for the person who will wear this bracelet. She is praying for the people who have cancer. She is making a cancer awareness/prayer bracelet. These bracelets are made by the 7th graders at our school. Each color represents a different type of cancer. They are sold for a donation of $5 which goes to the Norton Brown Cancer Foundation to aid research and resources for the fight against cancer.

It seems that almost all of us have been affected by cancer. Some of us have fought it and others have lost people they love to the battle. These bracelets give us something to hold onto and a way to remember and pray for those facing the fight.  Never underestimate the power of prayer

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