I Can’t do it, February 3, 2015 Daily Reflection

I Can Do All ThingsIt drives me absolutely mad when I hear anyone say those horrible, terrible, no good for nothing words, “I can’t do it!” If you say you can’t then you have sealed your fate and you won’t. Hope springs eternal. We should always believe that we can do anything. The reason we should believe this is because with God nothing is impossible. If God wants it to happen through you it CAN happen. God makes something out of nothing. God created the heavens, the earth, animals and the human race. If God CAN do all of that then how difficult do you think it is for God to support you in your good endeavors?

The next time you say, “I can’t do it” stop and think about what you CAN do if God is supporting you. God will support you if you ask for his help and guidance. You can do anything with him who strengthens you. YOU CAN!

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