Captain’s Quarters, May 19, Daily Reflection

The Captain's Quarter

How many times in life have we heard that quote “Let Go and Let God”? How many times in life have we tried but not really released our problems to God?

As humans we are a flawed species. We think we control everything and that if we are not in control things will fall apart. There is proof that things fall apart if we do not take control. If we decided not to go to work we would lose our jobs after awhile. If we decided to no longer do the laundry our children would have to wear stinky clothes and most likely be made fun of. If we decided not to drive safely we would probably cause death to others. We have been given so much responsibility in this life that we must take control or things will fall apart. So when the overwhelming things happen like disease, failed relationships and death we want to control them. However, there are some things in this life we have no control over. These are the times we must call on God to take control.

In our lives we are the captain of our own little ship, in our own little corner of our own little world. We sit in the captain’s quarters and steer that ship. We¬†provide food, shelter, education and love daily for our children. We do our jobs at work, at home and as involved citizens of our communities. We are responsible adults that take our positions in life seriously. So we steer our ship with pride and often neglect to ask for guidance or directions to our destination. When the inevitable tragedies or complications of life occur we find that we have no control over the ship or anything else we often ask who is the captain, the real captain?

God gave us freewill but He also gave us knowledge and in time wisdom. We must use that knowledge and wisdom to find faith in Him. God will not control every action or motion but He will remain steadfast in the Captain’s Quarters with you all the days of your life, you only have to invite him into the room. The Captain’s Quarters when opened to God are spacious, relaxing and freeing to our minds, bodies and souls. When we realize that we do not have complete control we can loosen our grip on the wheel of the boat and feel the hands of God guide it in the right direction. If we choose to never relinquish that control to God then we are destined to go down on a sinking ship because no human can control all events of life and death. Give your woes, anxiety and sadness to God let Him comfort you guide you and love you through those times and you will find a freedom you never knew existed. It is time to search your heart and your soul to find the true captain of your life.

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