Capture, May 4, 2018 Daily Reflection

Capture words
Capture moments
Capture actions and details
Capture thoughts and ideas
Capture stories in my head

They are too great to all write down
They speed by while I grasp frantically to catch them, not the perfect one but every one revealed to me.
Like treasure floating over head in a video game a child plays and has try to catch.
I walk ten feet and have to sit and type what I have thought.

As a young child it caught me and Since that time I have always wanted to be caught.
May I please turn on my light passes my bedtime if a poem be revealed to me? If not, it will move on and be forever gone.
Yes, my parents said with no idea how this passion pulls me by my heart, my hand, my mind and my soul.
It wasn’t by choice, but I grew to love it and it is my favorite capturing although I capture not but it captures me.

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