Center with Peace, October 19, 2017 Daily Reflection


How many times in life do we just close our eyes, take a deep breath, and wish we could remove ourselves from that situation? How often do we let our raw emotions take over and speak for us? How often do we allow our thoughts to obsess our mind’s space? The answer is too often.

I heard a quote recently, to paraphrase it, when one does not accept reality there is suffering. When we resist completely or react or have a sudden reflex, pain begins. Well, we are not robots, we feel emotions, the dialogue in our minds can be louder than our surroundings, and it is difficult to relax in intense circumstances.

These are the times we should seek peace within our center. Taking a deep breath is both physically and emotionally healthy, it relaxes your body and calms your nerves. We should continue to breathe and then become aware of our emotions. Instead of becoming intertwined with the anger, sadness, or anxiety, we should just notice it. Then realize we are witnessing those emotions but they are not us. Then we should become aware of our thoughts and watch as they change constantly. We should take ourselves deep within our center and seek peace. We should ask God for peace to settle in our souls. Finding our center takes time and an awareness to who we are as a person. It takes observation and noticing self.

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