Chains, November 9, 2011 Daily Reflection

The Chains

Do you ever feel the cold links of the chains that bind you to that which needs to be done that somehow restricts you from that which you need to do?

We are limited as humans to the necessities of our human nature; shelter, food, working to pay for our survival. Luckily some of us have the true fortune of finding our way in life to the freedom of our passions. We have found a way to let the passion of our lives become our work to pay for the necessities; shelter and food for our survival.

If you can find that passion that rages within your soul mad to break free of those chains and learn to channel it for the goodness of humankind then you will break the chains that bind you now. We must search within, we must reflect, we must pray, we must be present in our own lives to realize what chains bind us and what beauties we perceive as chains can free us to be our ultimate self; the creation that God intended us to be when he formed us in our mother’s womb.

If we never ponder, if we never reflect, if we never search we will never know the truth. We will remain in the chains. Let this day be different. Let this day be the day that you search your soul and break the chains.

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