Challenges, July 14, 2016 Daily Reflection

We biked the Cade's Cove Loop

We biked the Cade’s Cove Loop

Challenge is defined as ¬†an invitation to take part in a contest or competition of some type. When I hear the word challenge I think a bit differently. I think about an opportunity to take on a new feat of some type in my life. I have told my bosses before when the challenge is gone I will be too. I thrive on utilizing my creativity and being engaged in different projects or tasks. I think I realized this the first time when I played high school tennis. If I played against a weaker opponent I would win but usually be dragged down a bit. If I played a more skilled opponent I rose to the challenge and played some of the best tennis ever. It’s like that in life for me. I enjoy rising to a new challenge. I had never taught before but I have been doing it for three years now. I had never been a motivational speaker but I dreamed of it and did it. I still have not had a book published, but I have been rejected numerous times and plan to be rejected more before it actually happens (and it will happen)!

So, how do you do with a challenge in your life? Do you enjoy taking on something totally different in your life? Or are you happier knowing exactly what will happen tomorrow? Do you rise to career challenges or family challenges? I think God created us in his likeness in intellect, free will, and the ability to love. I also think God gave us creativity, and imagination so that we could go beyond where we are in time and space. How often do you grasp that creative side and imagine what limits you can exceed and how you can challenge yourself and the world around you to be a better place? Do you accept challenges?

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