Change it up! April 17, 2012 Daily Reflection

Sitting on the couch watching the TV - a definite Rut!

So many times our daily routines become daily ruts, the same old same old thing. We get so entrenched in routines that sometimes we forget we are capable of change. Changing one thing a day can shatter the monotony of the everyday hum drum.

We don’t have to do something as earth shattering as jumping out of a plane. We can just go for a walk instead of turning on that old T.V. set. We can call an old friend instead of checking in with our Face Book page. We can find a board game or a deck of cards and have a family game night. We can make some cards with our children and visit a nursing home to deliver them to some lonely people.

It really doesn’t take much to change it up. Today, think of something different to help someone else, to help clear your mind or to just have a little fun. All it takes is some effort and a little time to climb out of the rut and shatter the same old same old.

Try it today!

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