Change, November 1, 2011 Daily Reflection

The path

As I walked along the path back home from dropping off all four of my children at their grade school, I thought I am walking alone; no child to hold my hand. My how quickly life changes. It seems only yesterday I pulled a wagon with 2 children that could not go to school yet. Now they are all there learning and growing and I can’t stop them. Change happens and it cannot and should not be stopped. It was then that I noticed the grass growing across the path. My children had noticed on our first walk to school this fall. “Mom it is taking over the path!”  Change it is taking over life!

We have choices on how to deal with the changes of this life. We can cry, mourn and suffer through the pain trying deseparately to hold on to the past. We can deny the changes and live in our own minds. Or we can take the time to be sad and then move on and move with the changes of life instead of trying to stop it. Change is the only constant in life and if we do not adapt to it we might just go insane.

It is difficult and painful to let them grow up but it is also a joy to be in the center of their lives helping them to grow into unbelievable adults. Embrace the moments, adapt to change and let the growth take place as nature would allow it and in this you will find peace.

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