Changes, December 15 Daily Reflection

Leaves in the snow

Crunching across the leaves on to the snow covered earth we step from one season to the next. The leaves are scattered and blown this way and that by the winter gusts and what remains is trampled and buried beneath the snow and ice. The bitter cold chills our bodies to the bone but the snow white scenery can soothe our soul if we take in its beauty and not the consequences of our sometimes harsh weather.

And so it is with life we walk gingerly from one life experience to the next not knowing exactly what lies beneath the surface of the ground we tread. We watch as the changes fall from our lives in and out of different relationships, the leaves drift upon the wind. We try to warm ourselves when the bone chilling truths of our lives are revealed to us and we have to make changes or we will stay frozen in our negative behaviors. If we can embrace the changes and visualize the differences we can make we can begin to soothe our souls.

To stay still in our lives and not experience all that life has to offer would be a sin against God. God intends for us to see change, to embrace change and to change our worlds for the better by changing our lives a little each and every day. It takes 3 months to change from one season to another, don’t let it take a lifetime to change your world.  Just a little here and a little there will add up and soon you too will find yourself in a new season of your own life.

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