Changing things up, April 26, 2017 Daily Reflection

He loves going for walks

Lately, I have decided to change up my exercise routine! I don’t enjoy running in the dark in the mornings. It was nice having my dog with me but he is not the best running companion and I still didn’t like the feeling of fear. So, I decided to set up my bike on a bike trainer through the winter time. Spring came and I was sick of the bike and the way it looked in my house. I run on the weekends and walk some in the evenings. I have decided since I only have a few weeks left of school I can exercise in the afternoon or evening after work. Once school let’s out for summer I will be able to run in the early morning light without fear!!!! I can’t wait.

Changing things up in life is good for us. We become complacent in our old routines and habits. It is healthy to make adjustments and changes. It keeps things fresh, and alerts us to new perspectives. What do you need to change up? What routine and habit are you ready to change? Think about your daily routines and some good ways to change them. Then try just one day at a time!


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