In the Chapel, September 14, 2016 Daily Reflection

Our chapel

Our chapel

As the light streamed through the opaque windows of the cozy school chapel, I embraced the moment. It was a moment of silence. Twelve of my students lay stretched out on yoga mats scattered across the floor. They were laying in the silence after I completed a guided imagery meditation that I wrote and led.

Observing the flickering red candle beside the Tabernacle that holds the Eucharist filled me with joy and contentment. It gave me the realization that I was not the only one looking after my students as they rested, they were resting in the presence of Christ.

The candles upon the altar sat unlit but present bringing to mind the many times I celebrated Mass in this place. I began to recall the faces of the students who have graduated. The students who experienced my meditations who are now Juniors and Seniors in college. I prayed that an experience they had here in this space brings comfort, peace, and faith back to their lives.

In this place there is peace, joy, and faith in this cozy chapel.

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