Chapter 10 Having it all……

“Lost in this moment with you I am completely consumed.  Watching all my dreams come true.  Lost in this moment with you.”

-Keith Anderson


Anna's Drawing of Having it all

Anna's Drawing of Having it all

Hey God, It’s me Lori,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for my life and my children.

You have given me everything I have ever dreamed of and so much more. 

For all my blessings I thank you.


Having it all…

I use to think I have it so good, when is the Mack Truck going to slam in to me and take it all away.  To most people in this world they look at me walking home from school with my four children and 3 others I baby-sit and think she is a crazy person.  I know they think what’s wrong with that woman?  But you know what I am thinking as I am walking home past the cars leaving school?  They must be so jealous because I have everything I have ever wanted.  I know pride go before the fall.  However, the pride that I feel is not cocky. It is appreciation and love for what God has graced my life with. That is my family and the opportunities to see that life is not about things, material possessions, grand houses, new cars, money or the latest and greatest gadgets.  If you come to my house you will see a print as soon as you open the door.  It is about 20×24 and it is of a little girl with a sunset behind her and it says “Priorities – A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”  When people enter my house I want them to read it first so they know this is what I am all about, it is my touchstone.  You will not find trinkets and things that adorn my house.  You will find that my walls are decorated by large prints of my children and family.  In the kitchen there is a print of a farm with the setting sun coloring the skies that pink orange you see at sunset.  I have it because I love sunsets.

Many people do not understand this satisfaction I find with my life.  After all my husband does not make $100,000/annually.  We have the daunting future of putting 4 children through Catholic High School which in today’s cost would be a total of $160,000 in a small window of 8 years time.  Yes, I sometimes concern myself with that idea of how will we do it but I know God will guide me to a good job once my littlest is in Kindergarten.  A job from 9am – 1:30 pm so I can take my children to school and pick them up from school each day.

This morning I walked my four children to school.  It was a brisk fall morning about 60 degrees.  The moon was still full and bright although the sun was rising. We dropped my 6, 8 & 10 year old off and Jake and I were walking home together his little hand in mine and I just took it all in and thought of that country song Lost in this Moment with you.  I put him on my back to give him a piggyback ride home.  He asked for me to run and as I was running I could hear his little laugh and I wanted to cry with unbelievable bliss that I was able to experience that moment in time.  I pray that those moments make up his memory of childhood, so he will look back and remember he was so loved.  It will help to form him into a secure and loving adult that does not fear loving but gives it away every second of every day.  “I was completely consumed, watching all my dreams come true.”  Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by all the love and people God has placed in my life.  My friend told me after a meeting that I have such a positive attitude.  To which I responded “My friend how could I not ? Do you see my life, it is wonderful?”  Now I am not saying that I do not get upset and frustrated, Oh my gosh, do I ever with life’s little trials.  But as my Dad is so fond of saying you have to stand back from the mural that is your life on the wall and you will see the big picture.  Sometimes frustration and lack of patience confines your sight to only one small color in the painting.  You have to walk away, take a breather and then look again and always appreciate what God has given to you.

Attitude is everything.  I don’t know how many times I have read this.  What you think becomes how you act and then you are that attitude.  I urge you now to reflect on your own life for a few minutes.  Get out a notebook and write down 10 of the most meaningful blessings in your life.  If you can think of more keep writing.  The blessings can be people you love, a church community, a school community, a workplace of people who support you, your faith, your education etc..  The list can go on and on.  Be specific when you write it down.  Do not write anything negative or anything you want in the future.  Only what you are surrounded by at this moment in your life.

Now that you have done that keep that notebook accessible to you so that you can see it daily.  As you start your day look at that list and thank God for those blessings.  If you do this you will start your day in prayer even if only a prayer of thanksgiving that takes only moments to say.  This will jump start your day to a positive attitude.  Before you step foot out the door you will be appreciative and your day will go in a more positive direction.  Eventually you will not need the notebook.  Each morning, if you turn this into a real routine, you can say your prayer to God without looking.

I honestly believe everyone has at the very least 10 blessings in their lives that they can name.  The media and advertisers are constantly bombarding our heads and lives with the “you need this syndrome”.  The “Our world is going to hell” attitude which we eventually internalize.  We do have needs we need to meet.  Those needs do not have to be met with such over the top expensive solutions.  We need to eat yes, but we do not have to dine at expensive restaurants to eat.  We need shelter but it doesn’t have to cost $350,000.  We need transportation but anyone cake take a bus or even a bike.   We need clothing but we don’t need designer clothing that is the hottest trend.  We need love and trying to buy it will never fill your heart.

My father in law told my husband “You got your wants and then you got your needs.”  I tell my husband and my children this all of the time.  I tend to hear ” But, But we really need this and that.”  To which I reply, “”No you want this and that, we don’t need it.  Would it bring us pleasure?  Maybe, but does it move us closer to God?”  That is a great question to ask yourself before you purchase something beyond necessity “Will this move you closer to God?”

I have it all, a husband I am crazy in love with, four precious children, a supportive and loving family, especially my Dad, an incredible faith community and my faith in God constantly maturing that is my all. 

Remember your 10 blessings that you wrote down and really reflect on them.  What is your ALL?  Do you have it all?

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