Chapter 12, Less is so much more…

Then he said to them, “Watch out! 

Be on your guard against all kinds of greed;

a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions”

Luke 15:12


Hey God it’s me Lori,

It’s so easy to get caught up in the wants of this world.  Please help me to always know that THINGS will not bring me closer to You.


Less is so much more…

Many of you just like myself have probably at some point in your life struggled with money, lack of it.  It is very difficult to deal with the lack of money and feel secure with life.  When I was in that situation I had four children, 2 in Catholic grade school and a mortgage and nothing extra just one car already paid for and a small loan to pay off our credit card that we cut up so we would not rely on it anymore.

At that time I was more than a little stressed out about where the money would come from to pay for the groceries.  My husband had a good job it just did not pay well and I was working part time as a photographer to make ends meet.  In retrospect I can see that I truly depended on God and He did take care of me at that point in my life.  There were times that we were down to 20 cents in our checking account and nothing in savings.  God came through.  Through my Dad who would notice we needed a gallon of milk and my mom who would say I just happened to buy extra fruits and vegetables.  Somehow I found an extra paycheck in our bank account that covered some very important medical bills.

Now my husband has moved up in his career, as we knew he would eventually.  It takes time to get to the great paying positions, you have to pay your dues first.  The first time we had enough extra money to go through a drive thru at McDonalds and I could buy fries, I felt like a millionaire.  I think as many of you who have experienced financial struggles do, you learn how to appreciate every penny and how to stretch it to make it work.

One of the lessons I learned from that time in my life was that when you have very little you completely depend on God for everything.  You have faith and nothing can shake it because it just has to work through God there is no other way!  Then when we became comfortable I could see how I did not depend as much on God.  It is such a false sense of control one gains when one feels secure.  I can see how rich people, and I am not one of them, can feel that they control their own destiny.  Why would they need to depend on God they take care of themselves, their family and their own company.  Suddenly you don’t need God.  Well the truth is we never have complete control.  God is the one in control.

When you have stuff, the house the new gadgets and money to throw about it feels great, like you have it all but you don’t.  You don’t have what every person aches for or longs for in their heart.  Things can not fill up a person, things just clutter the way to God. Less is so much more.

The less you have the more you depend on God…

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